Himalayan Java Coffee House

From The Himalayas to The Heartland, Omaha's favorite Coffee.

Taste the Himalayas

Located Across from Orpheum Theater. 

A Humble Beginning:The Story

In 1999, Gagan Pradhan and Anand Gurung opened a small coffee house in the heart of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

A proper coffee house was a brand new concept in a tea loving Himalayan nation. At the time, Nepali Coffee Production was in its infancy. Nepali Coffee industry was a little over a decade old with a handful of farmers with small coffee farms, mainly supported through Governmental subsidized programs. However, Nepali Arabica Coffee was quickly gaining popularity outside of Nepal while it was entirely unknown to the natives.

In their initial years, Gagan and Anand faced many challenges. But they were determined. They continued to learn and grow. After years of hard work, their love for everything coffee has resonated with the people of Nepal.

Himalayan Java is now a popular destination for many in Nepal.

From the Himalayas to the Heartland: The Journey

Few years ago we came across Himalayan Java coffee while visiting our native land. Instantaneously, we fell in love with everything Himalayan Java. We met with Ananad and Gagan and expressed our desire to introduce the Nepali Coffee to Omaha, a place we have called home for over 2 decades.

The American Dream:

"American Dream to us means, sincerity, hard work, honesty, loyalty, acceptance, community and most of all "to have the ability to dream and believe that anything is possible".

Our group of friends migrated from Nepal to Omaha in the mid 1990s as students. Since then, we have finished school, started our carriers and families here. All of us feel fortunate to call Omaha our home.

We sincerely hope that our patrons enjoy everything Himalayan Java has to offer and we hope to join the amazing roster of independently owned specialty coffee houses that are loved and supported by our community.